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  • Hostess Gift Etiquette

    Hostess Gift Etiquette
    The art of giving a gift to a host or hostess is a long standing tradition that has weathered the test of time. A host or hostess has spent days, if not weeks or months working to create a memorable celebration or gathering. A small gift of appreciation is a great way to acknowledge that hard work!
    As a grateful attendee, you'll want to show your appreciation in a way that is appropriate, but also interesting! In this article, Petals and Postings provides you with a guide to gift etiquette and great gift ideas!
    Casual Get Togethers
    In a casual gathering or dinner party, bringing a bottle of wine or small gift, like fun cocktail napkins or a tea towel, is a perfect token of gratitude.  
    When celebrating a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, engagement party, etc. gifts should only be given to the celebration honorees.  If you are the person of honor, a gift should be given to the host/hostess.  In this instance, at the very least a thank you card should be written.  If you feel like going the extra mile, flowers, chocolates or a gift card could accompany the thank you card.
    Housewarmings and/or Houseguests
    Welcoming someone to the neighborhood or celebrating a friend's new home are both instances to bring a gift.  Housewarming gifts should help contribute to the new home, such as a gift basket including:  wine glasses, serving plate, candle, dish towel, etc.  
    When staying in someone's home, it's always customary to bring a gift to show your gratitude.  The longer you stay, should reflect the magnitude of the gift.  Your host/hostess is welcoming you into their home, your gift should be as warm and welcoming as he/she has been to you.  Examples of such gifts can be a gift basket with their favorite wine, chocolates and gift certificate to a local restaurant, kitchen supplies or coffee table book.  If you are staying in a friends vacation home, it's also nice to add something to the decor like a piece from a local artisan, or a set of wine glasses.   
    Giving of the Gift Tips!
    Now that we've covered the when and what, here are a few tips on the how!
    • Ask your host/hostess ahead of time if he/she needs anything for the event.  
    • Greet your host/hostess first and then give your gift.  
    • Be discrete when giving the gift.  There may be someone else in attendance that didn't realize he/she should have brought a gift and you don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.  
    • Many times the host/hostess will not open the gift right away.  They are in "hosting" mode.  Don't be offended!
    Remember when thanking a host/hostess it's always better to error on the side of giving something rather than not.  If you ever have need any assistance in gift giving, contact your experts at Petals and Postings!